shopify app developer

What Is a Shopify App Developer?

Just like WordPress, Shopify allows Shopify app developers and users to add functions by extending the core program. In the case of WordPress, these added functions are called plugins. In the case of Shopify, they are called plugins or extensions. There are two types of Shopify app. Some act as extensions to the core program, and some apps work independently of the Shopify infrastructure.

What Does a Shopify App Developer Do?

If you want extensions for Shopify, then you can use a developer. For example, if you want Shopify to offer YouTube suggestions because your products are reviewed on YouTube, then a developer can make that happen.

On the other hand, if you want your website to have its app, perhaps because your website sells consumable products that people want to re-order or amend quite often, then you can have Shopify create an app for you. The developer would create an app to work on mobile devices and desktop computers, and it would integrate your Shopify website or store into its app infrastructure.

Are There Limits to What a Developer Can Do?

If taken literally, then of course there are limits to what an app developer can do. In practical terms, no there are no limits to what your developer can do. This is because the Shopify system allows for extensions. It is a closed-source program, which means you can only mess with the original structure if the company allows you to, but anybody can create extensions and Shopify apps if they wish. What a developer can do is seemingly limitless.

Add this to the fact that added plugins/extensions can do whatever they want to Shopify and add this to the fact that Shopify apps can do whatever they please, then there are really no practical limits to what a developer can do. If you have an idea for your store, then a developer can probably make that idea a reality.

Is a Shopify App Developer Expensive?

It really depends on the complexity of the project and the amount of work required for the project. Obviously, a simple project that requires little work will not cost much money. Complex projects will vary in price, often dependent upon how many hours the developer puts in. For example, a complex project trying to sync the sales data of several suppliers to match your product-available notifications may be difficult.

How much work is involved is also a factor that affects costs. For example, you may want a simple website like Amazon, which is not going to stress out a developer. But, you may want it to have 30,000 pages like Amazon, in which case the job is simple but there is lots of work to do and the developer will have to charge you a lot of money to get the job done.

Do You Need Help With Your Shopify Project?

Getting to grips with Shopify is just a case of diligent learning, and success with your Shopify project is just a case of persistence. But, what if you want to scale things up? What if you want to streamline or expand? If you are looking to develop your Shopify eCommerce business, then get in touch with the Collective Fab Agency and figure out your next move with some of the country’s best Shopify experts.